Resilience Lab Denmark

Resilience Lab Denmark is a new partnership for energy, water and data comprising Vejle Municipality, Vejle Spildevand (the waste water authority of Vejle), University of Southern Denmark, VIA University College, INSERO Software and Green Tech Center. Our aim is to collect, simulate, develop and perform live demonstrations and disseminate knowledge through a Quattro Helix collaboration in favour of the resilience of Vejle, also in year 2050.
  • The aim of Resilience Lab Denmark is to pool knowledge and willpower from all parts of Denmark and share this knowledge with the other 100 Resilient Cities in the world. Therefore, we are open to new project partners who have contributions to offer in terms of knowledge, technology, tools etc.

  • The city of Vejle was selected as our “live lab city” as the city is one of the selected 100 100 Resilient Cities. Moreover, its size and determination ensure that it can and will function as a live demonstration city for new resilience measures for protection of the city, also in year 2050.

  • The partnership supports the participation of Vejle in the 100 Resilient Cities initiative, which is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and whose purpose is to make the cities of the world more resilient in the future. Vejle Municipality was appointed as one of the
    100 global cities in the collaboration.

  • Together, the pioneers behind this project possess the knowledge, visions and determination necessary to make cities more resilient in terms of energy, water and data, also in year 2050.

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